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Guess what | Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello! Guess what, I'm bored and I'm pissed and I feel like killing myself. Wanna know why? Okay, so here goes. Just now I was in super duper superb good mood, so I did my math lol. And after an hour, its break time. And I asked my mom about my school transfer. And guess what she said? Just a simple 'no'. Few weeks ago, I asked her, she said 'okay'. And now she said no. I was disappointed lik hell! Ouh if u don't know, in my school now, I'm the only Muslim student who doesn't wear student. JUST ME. So I want to transfer to PU1 which is not very far from my house, I think. And most of my friends are there! This is? Its not like I that have any friends, I do have friends, and of course I love them, I mean, they're my friends. It just that this school is driving me crazyy! Like, almost all of the teachers don't like me because I don't wear tudung. And they just can't live me alone! So hell yeah I want to transfer to PU1 and hoping the teachers there doesn't forces their student to put on hijab. Ouh guess what, I had to put on hijab during BM when I was in class D. I'm in C class now. My D class BM teacher asked me to put on hijab during her class! Goshh, its BM for god sake, Bahasa Malaysia! Not agama! ="=

Uhh, let's not talk about that. Let's talk about something else, shall we? LOL. Ohh, I'm updating this post using phone, first time updating blog using phone, so no picture lol. But I'll out one when I'm on the net using laptop, that is if I feel like it lol. Uhmm, I guess that's all for now? I know its short, but people is not gonna read it if its long right? So is short lol, its not like people gonna read this anyway lol xD